הדף היומי אנגלית - The Daf Yomi

מחבר: הרב דוד אברהם מנדלבום שליט"א


One of the most significant events in the Torah world in the past one hundred years was the decision of the First Knessia Gedola of the World Agudath Israel to adopt and implement the Daf Yomi learning program.

It’s originator was the famous Rav Meir Shapiro, zt”l, Rav of Lublin and founder of Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin.

This pictorial will lay out before the reader the entire history of the Daf Yomi program. How it began until the present day. The reader will be transported back in time to discover how the Daf Yomi program was received by the Jewish People experiencing the excitement of that first Knessia through the eyes and words of those who actually attended.

This pictorial will allow the reader to follow the Daf Yomi from its inception on Rosh Hashana 1923 and trace is expansion throughout the Jewish world. The reader will be able to follow the trail of siyumim; of Mesechtos, of Sedarim, and finally, the grand celebrations marking the Siyum HaShas throughout the Jewish world.

This pictorial contains hundreds of pictures and rare documents that will bring the reader in touch with the Daf Yomi learners of yesteryear. The story begins in pre-war Europe, continues through the Holocaust, documents the aftermath of that horrific period, and follows the trail of the Daf in the decades that have passed since then. It is possible to see a glimpse of the Hashgacha Pratis that guides the fate of our nation. For, even in the very worst of times for Klal Yisroel, there were thousands, and even tens of thousands of pages of Gemora that served as the rafts of salvation for the Jewish People in the midst of the raging tempest.

Finally, in this pictorial, the reader can absorb the words and the ideas put forth by the Gedolei Torah of the past few generations as they related to the Daf Yomi concept, and will become familiar, as well, with subsequent initiatives that are the offspring of the Daf Yomi. Get ready for the story of the Jewish People and it’s inexorable tie to the Living Torah!

The Daf Yomi program that I suggested to the Knessia and that was accepted by them has become an important fixture. There is already a list of over 200,000 chaveirim, kain yirbu, in Poland alone who learn Daf Yomi every day. The Gerrer Rebbe also learns Daf Yomi, and I heard that he told his inner circle that I was zoche to a very great zechus for bringing it about. I know deep in my neshama that my work in chinuch, especially my mesiras nefesh on behalf of bnei Torah, has carried me this far, be’ezras Hashem.

May Hashem be with you, you mighty warriors, all those who fight for pure Torah chinuch and all those who assist you; you are all blessed of Hashem.

I pray for your wellbeing with a strong, firm love and I am signing with a heart full of the love of our holy Torah.

Sanok, Sunday of Parshas Vayeira, Brachos 42.

(Excerpt from a letter written by Rav Shapiro to encourage the learning of the Daf Yomi)